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Vaping CBD offers a superior degree and rate of absorption, as CBD very quickly and efficiently reaches the blood stream via inhalation. Therefore, if you choose to vape CBD, you will feel the effects much faster than through other delivery methods. However, the fast release means these effects last a much shorter time, so vaping CBD requires more frequent doses to extend the effects over a period of time.

About our CBD Vaping range

We know that many people have concerns over the safety of vaping, therefore we have carefully selected our vaping devices because of their safety and quality, as well as recognising different needs. They are all safe, easy to use, and taste great.
CBD Element are proud to offer in our vaping range, the world’s first medical grade CBD Vaporizer from Kanabo and Provacan. Kanabo and Provacan are different to other vaping devices as they release measured doses of CBD, enabling you to track your CBD intake.