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CBD Oils

CBD oil is taken under your tongue and is then absorbed through the mucous membranes of your mouth, directly into your bloodstream. The same technique applies to CBD sprays, the only difference is you spray the oil under your tongue, instead of using a pipette. The main advantage of CBD oils and sprays is that you bypass the digestive system which can breakdown CBD before reaching its target. We recommend holding the oil under your tongue before swallowing for as long as possible, aiming for around a minute to allow for maximum absorption.

CBD oils allow greater control over dosing. You can tailor your daily dosage to your needs and adjust accordingly. Using a spray, whilst more convenient and presenting a lower risk of spillage than oils, offers less precise dosing. If you are unsure how much to take, use our dosage calculator.


About our CBD Oil range

We have selected a wide range of high-quality oils and sprays from the best CBD brands on the market. These products are all third-party tested and have undergone a thorough vetting process by our expert team, guaranteeing quality. Some of these products are flavored, which mask the natural botanical flavor of oils. Other products have added ingredients to enhance the benefits of CBD. We recommend browsing through our product descriptions to decide which brand is best for you.