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CBD oil is taken under your tongue and is then absorbed through the mucous membranes of your mouth, directly into your bloodstream. The same technique applies to CBD sprays, the only difference is you spray under your tongue, instead of using a pipette. The main advantage of CBD oils and sprays is that you bypass the digestive system which can breakdown CBD before reaching its target. We recommend holding the oil under your tongue before swallowing for as long as possible, aiming for around a minute to allow for maximum absorption.

CBD oils allow greater control over dosing. You can tailor your daily dosage to your needs and adjust accordingly. Using a spray, whilst more convenient and presenting a lower risk of spillage than oils, offers less precise dosing. If you are unsure how much to take, use our dosage calculator.


What are CBD oils?

CBD oil, sometimes referred as hemp or cannabis oil, are CBD products extracted from the Hemp plant. CBD oils are completely legal in the UK. They are widely available in a variety of strengths and flavours as drops and sprays, allowing you to get a product that is best suited to your needs. Hemp seed oil is different to CBD oil, which contains essential amino acids, vitamin E and omega 3, but does not contain any cannabinoids. Our advice is to be vigilant when purchasing CBD products, be aware of the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil products.

Why buy CBD oils?

The main advantage of CBD oil drops and sprays is that you bypass the digestive system which can often breakdown CBD before reaching its target. This is crucial benefit of a CBD oil over another CBD product derived from the Hemp plants.

You can also use oils in conjunction with other legal CBD products, such as CBD gummies or CBD vapes. Remember to use our CBD dosage calculator if you are combining CBD products together with a CBD oil to help you keep track of your total daily CBD dosage.

Best way to take CBD oils?

CBD oil or tinctures are usually taken using a pipette. You can take the oil drops directly under your tongue, a capillary-rich area, meaning the CBD will reach your endocannabinoid system more efficiently and allow you to feel the intended benefits faster. In order to maximise the absorption of the CBD, it is recommended to hold the hemp oil under your tongue for a minute before swallowing for this reason. Other delivery methods for oil CBD products are innovative spray delivery methods, which offer a mess-free, convenient way to use CBD.

Some blends of CBD oil supplements, most commonly full spectrum CBD, can have a pungent, earthy taste, which is why many people also like to mask the flavour with other ingredients. Another way to use CBD oil is by adding half a teaspoon of your hemp oil to your morning smoothie or milkshake for a great start to the day.

Why Shop the CBD Element Range?

We have selected a wide range of high-quality oils and sprays from the best CBD brands on the market. These products are all third-party tested and have undergone a thorough vetting process by our expert team of pharmacists, guaranteeing quality. Some of these products are flavoured, which mask the natural botanical flavour of oils. Other products have added ingredients to enhance the benefits of CBD.

Before you buy CBD products, we recommend browsing through our product descriptions to decide which brand is best for you.

How do I choose a CBD Oil product?

With such a wide selection of CBD oil products, you will definitely find a product that you will adore. We have both natural oils as well as a range of fruity favoured oil drops, from berry to tangy depending on your preference. Make sure you read the product descriptions carefully and make a decision whether the flavour suites your taste before taking CBD oils.

Many of our products are also vegan friendly, gluten free, made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards as well as avoiding animal testing. Also, we have products that are derived from organic varieties of the Hemp plant. Its very rare for people to get side effects from good quality CBD. Use our dosage calculator to keep track of your dose, especially if you are taking a high strength product or combining with a pure CBD isolate product like a CBD crystal.

Another consideration is the spectrum: Broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate are all options you can look choose when selecting the best CBD oil for you. Some people prefer broad spectrum due to the superior cannabinoid profile and the benefits of the entourage effect.

Is CBD oil legal?

This is a common question we are asked because CBD oil is made using the Cannabis plant.

Yes, oil in the UK is legal. We have THC free product available, and are happy to share with you lab reports if you would like to know the levels of THC and the amount of CBD for your CBD oil drops.

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