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CBD Gummies are a convenient and tasty way to take CBD. Gummies are very easy to consume and can provide a consistent does as the CBD content of each gummy is premeasured. CBD Gummies are taken by chewing like you would a sweet and come in some seriously tasty flavours. They are a common option for people who do not like the taste of the oil, which needs to be held under the tongue for absorption. Gummies are good for on the move and can be used to help in stressful situations.


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What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are the most popular CBD edibles on the market. They are effectively edible CBD sweets which are available in a variety of strengths and flavours. Some CBD gummy bears contain CBD or hemp extract within the gummy, whereas others have the CBD coated on the outside.

Why buy CBD gummies?

People love gummy bears because they’re a tasty and convenient delivery method of CBD. It’s very easy to incorporate CBD edibles into your daily routine, they are discreet, fun and perfect to take on the go. CBD in oil form can have a distinctive taste which some users find difficult to tolerate, but gummies do not have this problem and offer a tasty alternative. Most CBD users like using CBD gummies in combination with other CBD products, for example CBD oil and CBD capsules. Browse CBD Element for the best CBD on the market.

Best way to take CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are typically available in either isolate or broad spectrum CBD. Our gummy range varies in CBD strength, flavour and ingredients. We have a yummy hemp product to suite everyone's needs and are THC free, meaning they are non psychoactive. There is variation in the CBD content between different brands, with a selection off different strengths on offer. For example, CBDfx gummies contain 5mg of CBD whereas Provacan, Naturecan and Beliebis have 10mg of CBD per gummy and Zenbears and Paso contain 20mg of CBD per gummy.

CBD gummies that contain lower amounts of CBD are perfect to combine with other CBD products and are great for those times when you need a CBD boost. When taking CBD, trying one or two 5mg strength CBD gummies on their own are unlikely to be enough to be effective, and are better used in conjunction with a medium to high strength oil.

Remember to use our CBD dosage calculator if you are combining CBD oils with CBD gummies to help you keep track of your total daily CBD dosage.

Why Shop the CBD Element Range?

We have curated the best CBD gummies on the market, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing a hemp product of the highest standard. CBD Element only sells high quality CBD products that are tested by our inhouse pharmacist, we also only sell products that have third party tested lab reports, so you can trust the amount of CBD advertised for each product.

CBDfx is the perfect CBD brand if you are looking to incorporate other vitamins and supplements with your gummies in order to target a specific condition. CBDfx gummies are available in packs of 8 gummy bears for a reasonable price of £7.99; you can experiment and try different flavours and ingredients. Zenbears, Provacan and Beleibis are also an awesome choice if you want a gummy product with different flavours and with higher CBD content, to keep you on your toes.

How do I choose a CBD Gummy product?

First and foremost, your chosen flavour is important for your gummy product. Everyone has their own preference, some people prefer berry flavours, whereas other people prefer tangy citrus flavours. Read the product descriptions carefully and make a decision whether the flavour suites your taste.

Also, some people prefer vegan-friendly products, make sure you pick carefully because some CBD gummy products may contain animal gelatin. Also are you allergic to any ingredients or sweeteners? Read the ingredients list carefully before you purchase a CBD edible.

Finally, you may want a more targeted CBD gummy to help a particular condition; CBDfx offer a wide array of gummies, containing broad spectrum CBD targeting various conditions. Another consideration is the CBD spectrum, the options are broad spectrum, full spectrum and isolate. Some people prefer broad spectrum CBD gummies due to the superior cannabinoid profile and the benefits of the entourage effect. If you are still unsure, please message on our chat function, our team will be happy to assist you.

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