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ZenBears Gummies

ZenBears Gummies raise the bar with their pharmaceutical CBD coating and tantalising taste, packing 20mg of CBD into each friendly bear


ZenBears CBD Gummies are a delicious and convenient way to get the benefits of CBD. Each bear shaped gummy contains 20mg of CBD and 0% THC, with 30 bears per container. 

ZenBears have taken the innovative approach of coating CBD on the outside of each bear rather than injecting inside, this allows for an enhanced delivery of CBD . 

ZenBears source organic hemp from Oregan in the US, where CBD along with other phytochemicals are extracted using the highest standard ISO-Certified CO2 extraction methods. Finally the gummies are created in a British facility where they are pharmaceutically coated with a signature CBD distillate. 

The finished gummies are vegan friendly and contain all natural ingredients, giving them a guilt free fruity flavor. 

Why we picked Zen Bears

ZenBears have become masters of their craft, they follow Zen principles of doing one thing at a time and doing it well. They have focused exclusively on creating and developing market leading CBD Gummies with outstanding results.  

Each ZenBear is; 

  • Vegan friendly
  • Natural and delicious fruit flavors
  • Industry-leading CO2 extraction
  • Innovative CBD coating approach
  • Made in Britain in GMP-certified facility
  • Third-party tested for potency and safety

How to use

Use CBD Element’s dosage calculator to help guide your daily dose. 

Each ZenBear gummie contains 20mg of CBD. Remember to suck, and not chew gummies for maximum absorption of CBD.

Always start with a low or medium total daily dose and increase slowly until you experience your desired effect. Decrease your dose if you experience any side effects. Common side effects to look out for are a dry mouth, decreased appetite, and tiredness.

Everyone is different, so experiment to find the dose that works best for you. Some people find lower doses of CBD effective, whereas other people might need a higher dose to achieve their desired effect.

FSA advises against taking more than 70mg CBD per day.

Key Information

Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Shake before use.

Lab Reports

Quick Info
CBD Strength20mg / piece
CBD Content600mg
Spectrum TypeBroad
Extraction MethodCO2
Hemp SourceUS
Gluten FreeYes
Vegan FriendlyYes

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