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Vitality CBD oil

The Vitality CBD oil  is available in 3 flavours; lemon, berry  and natural which suites all tastes and preferences. CBD oil drops are the most popular delivery; the advantage of Vitality CBD oil drops over Vitality CBD oil sprays is that they allow for more accurate dosing.

Vitality CBD oil oral drops contains a high quality 99% pure CBD with 0% THC, this convenient and easy-to-use CBD oil is available in different strengths and flavours, Vitality truly provide a premium CBD experience. 

Vitality Lemon Flavour oral drops: lemon flavour CBD oil provides sweet and mellow notes with earthy notes which compliments the botanical taste of hemp seed oil. This citrus flavoured oil is available in 600mg and 1200mg strength in 30mls. Vitality 600mg Lemon Flavour oral drops is an excellent beginner's strength for a CBD newbie.

Vitality Natural Flavour oral drops: Natural Flavour has a distinct hemp seed oil taste that is earthy and organic. This natural, organic oil is available in 1200mg strength in 30mls 

Vitality Berry Flavour oral drops: Berry flavour offers an uplifting, fruity taste earthy notes that compliment the botanical taste of hemp seed oil. Vitality Berry flavour is available in a 1200mg strength in a 30ml bottle.

Is Vitality CBD full spectrum?

Vitality CBD oil is a broad spectrum oil that contains the full balance of all the hemp compounds with 0% THC.  Vitality CBD believe this is the best form of CBD, since it’s the most natural and safe form. 

Vitality CBD for anxiety

Vitality CBD oil can be used for a variety of uses; which includes  managing stress and anxiety, improving the quality and length of sleep and it can help to relieve any niggly aches and pains. From our experience the most popular use for CBD is for managing anxiety, if you are looking to take Vitality CBD for anxiety, for best results we reccomend splitting up your daily dose.

Also, its important to note that CDD oil should be taken alongside other vital lifestyle interventions that includes regular exercise, breathing exercises and understanding your triggers. Read our article on CBD and anxiety to understand how CBD can help with stress and anxiety and also some practical tips about how you can keep anxiety and stress in check. 

Why we picked Vitality...?

What is Vitality CBD? 

Vitality CBD is one of the most recognisable and established CBD brands in the UK. You can find Vitality CBD oil and sprays across the UK in various supermarkets, health stores as well as high street pharmacies such as Boots and LLoyds.

Vitality CBD, one of UK’s market leaders in CBD, produce  high quality CBD products. Vitality CBD have created a strong community of CBD users through a combination of extensive knowledge and commitment to the industry. 

Vitality CBD have an emphasis on premium CBD, organically-grown Colorado hemp, and industry-leading quality control. Vitality CBD undertake safety measures including third-party testing for all CBD products offering maximum accuracy and customer satisfaction. 

Vitality CBD have a dedicated customer support line, each CBD product comes with a customer leaflet which contains clear dosage breakdown. Their CBD drops and sprays are available in an array of tasty flavours that mask the botanical taste of CBD.  Vitality CBD oil and sprays are stocked nationwide in supermarkets, health stores and even high street pharmacies such as Lloyds and Boots. Vitality CBD TrustPilot reviews shows how good Vitality CBD oils and sprays are.

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Vitality CBD Oil

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