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Pure Sport CBD Unwind Oil is an expertly crafted oil, made to soothe and calm the body while also improving quality of sleep. Their flavoursome blend of holds 1500mg of CBD, 9000mg L-Theanine, 20000mg, 2000mg Lavender, 2500mg Vitamin B complex to facilitate relaxation. Each compound has their own unique property. L-Theanine restores inner peace and tranquillity. Chamomile aids the body to fall into a deep sleep. Lavender not only adds flavour but, supports general well-being and vitamin B supports brain function and cell growth.

Pure Sport CBD products have zero traces of THC to pass advanced cannabinoid testing.

Why we picked Pure Sport CBD...?

Pure Sport CBD was founded by two professional athlete’s discovery of the benefits of CBD to optimise their physical performance and recovery. Pure Sport CBD products are designed for and used by high level athletes, or anyone seeking the benefits of the entourage effect. 

Pure Sport CBD’s 1000mg and 2000mg oils are Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) certified and include the only 2000mg oil to have BSCG Certification. Their products are 100% WADA compliant for drug tested athletes and workers, with non detectable levels of THC (up to 2000mg strength). 

Pure Sport CBD is a product range of high-quality professional CBD products to be trusted by anyone wanting to improve physical performance. 

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Contains CBD (1500mg), L-Theanine (9000mg), Chamomile (20,000mg), Lavender (2000mg), Vitamin B Complex (2500mg)

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