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TRIP CBD Orange Blossom Oil

TRIP CBD Orange Blossom Oil infused with Chamomile to enhance the calming effect of CBD. With either a 300mg or 1000mg strength to choose from in a 15ml bottle; this range is a great choice for CBD newbies as well as the more seasoned CBD user.


TRIP CBD oil is available in 300mg or 1000mg strength in a 15ml bottle. Perfect options for CBD newbies as well as the more seasoned CBD user looking for an awesome tasting premium oil for relaxation. 

TRIP Orange blossom infuses their CBD MCT oil from organically grown, third party tested hemp with chamomile, for the ultimate calming effects, so you can relax. 

The range is gluten free, palm oil free, vegan and made in the UK   

Why we picked TRIP

TRIP believe in sharing a bit of calm in everyday chaos. 

TRIP’s founders Liv and Dan discovered CBD’s benefits whilst planning their wedding. Whilst recovering from a knee injury, Dan began using CBD to aid his recovery in time to hit the dancefloor. Seeing the benefits, they both began using CBD to manage everyday stress. 

Frustrated by the lack of tasty, convenient alternatives to CBD oils, Liv and Dan created TRIP CBD products as a refreshingly delicious and guilt free option. Their CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp, THC-free, and third party tested to ensure quality and purity. Their products are gluten-free, palm-oil free, vegan and made in the UK. 

TRIP is the brand of choice for anyone looking for a tasty, premium CBD experience, helping you relax and be your best self. 

How to use

Use CBD Element’s dosage calculator to help guide your dose.  

Take the oil under the tongue and hold for as long as possible, aim for at least a minute to allow more time for the CBD to be absorbed. 

The TRIP CBD oil range is a broad-spectrum product, so start with a low or medium total daily dose and increase slowly until you experience your desired effect. Decrease your dose if you experience any side effects. Common side effects to look out for are a dry mouth, decreased appetite, and tiredness.  

Everyone is different, so experiment to find the dose that works best for you. Some people find lower doses of CBD effective, whereas other people might need a higher dose to achieve their desired effect. 

FSA advises against taking more than 70mg CBD per day. 

Key Information

Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Shake before use.

Quick Info
Spectrum TypeBroad
Extraction MethodCO2
Hemp SourceGB
Gluten FreeYes
GMP CertifiedYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Guaranteed Zero THCYes


MCT Oil, CBD, orange flavouring, orange blossom extract, chamomile extract.

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