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Somnio CBD Infused Organic Tea

Take a sip of Somnio CBD Infused Organic Tea to bring all of CBD’s relaxing properties to your next brew.


Somnio CBD Infused Organic Tea combines the relaxing properties of CBD to create a therapeutic herbal tea infusion that is rich in flavour and aroma. 

Somnio CBD Infused Teas are available in two tasty flavours; Detox and Cleanse Tea, and Relaxation and Sleep Tea. 

Detox and Cleanse tea leaves you refreshed and ready for the day, combining lemongrass and rosehip. Lemongrass relieves pain and inflammation, perfect for managing menstrual cramps, as well as improving levels of sugar and cholesterol in the body. Rosehip boosts immunity and the digestive system, making it perfect to support weight loss. 

Relaxation and Sleep to wind down after a long day and prepare for a settled night’s sleep. Hemp’s calming and relaxing benefits are combined with chamomile, rich with Apigenin, that works on specific receptors in the brain to help initiate sleep and potentially decrease anxiety. 

Somnio CBD Infused Organic Tea is made from only natural ingredients and hemp-derived CBD. Each box contains 30 teabags. Each teabag contains 3mg of CBD. 

Pour boiling water over one of these infused teabags, brew for five minutes and enjoy! 

Why we picked Somnio CBD

Somnio CBD are driven by a passion for enabling a healthier, happier and balanced lifestyle, by promoting natural and safe healing of body and mind. 

Somnio CBD produces only the finest and purest quality CBD products, working with the best producers in UK & Europe who have full control of the manufacturing process that preserve the whole plant benefits via supercritical co2 extraction. Their lab reports can be uniquely found on the reverse of their packaging with customised QR codes. 

How to use

Pour boiling water over tea bag. 
Allow to brew for 5-7 minutes. 

Key Information

Somnio CBD Brew Blended Tea is available in 60g packets providing 30 tea bags. Each tea bag contains 3mg of CBD. 

Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Shake before use.

Quick Info
Spectrum TypeIsolate
Extraction MethodCO2
Hemp SourceUS
Gluten FreeYes
Vegan FriendlyYes


Detox and Cleanse tea- Hemp,  Chamomile and CBD

Detox and Cleanse tea-  Lemongrass, Rosehip and CBD

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