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Provacan’s 2500mg CBD paste has been developed with those customers in mind that are looking for a more potent alternative compared to traditional oral CBD tinctures. Boasting 50% CBD content, this is one of the highest-milligram content CBD pastes currently on the market 

CBD paste is much more concentrated than other types of CBD. CBD paste is a good option for people who want to take higher doses, whether for specific conditions or because smaller doses don’t quite do the trick. 

Provacan’s expert team have come up with a unique formulation that delivers the highest milligram content of CBD possible, without compromising on the full-spectrum profile of the extract 

The CBD Element team loves adding this paste to smoothies or teas. Try Provacan CBD paste today, and experience the difference of an authentic, world-class hemp product. 

Why we picked Provacan...?

Provacan represents the UK standard in quality CBD products, providing quality, third-party tested and all-natural CBD.

Provacan is the flagship brand from the CiiTech portfolio, a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering and developing cannabis products for the wellness market. Their team includes researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where CBD was first discovered and isolated in 1963. Their researchers deliver world leading CBD products and formulations, for CiiTech brands to bring the best of Israel’s cannabis, science, and tech to the UK.

Provacan is the brand of choice for trusted products, born from decades of research. They lead with the motto ‘CBD Inspired by Science, a Brand You Can Trust’.


Provacan CBD Paste

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Hemp Extract oil (Cannabis Sativa L.), Cocos Nucifera, Cera Alba

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