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Perfectly Peaceful by Our remedy is the CBD blend of choice if you are feeling anxious, tired and a bit off balance. Created by women for women, this product was designed to help women switch off and relax. Our Remedy’s expert team have combined CBD with essential oils; geranium and lavender, which are natural relaxants to reduce anxiety. Lavender is renouned for its calming properties, which will help soothe you into a gentle slumber.  

Available in two strengths; either a 1000 mg (10%) or  500mg in 10ml bottle (5%); the sweet orange taste masks the strong earthy taste that is typical of CBD oils giving the blend a subtle  light taste 

Why we picked Our Remedy...?

Our Remedy is an award-winning female-founded brand with a focus on sustainability and self-care. Our Remedy believe in more comfortable periods, finding balance and looking after our planet. Our Remedy range is lovingly made in the UK, totally vegan and packaged using eco-friendly materials. 

Our remedy commit to being the most sustainable brand possible, examples of their sustainability efforts includes recycled card boxes and soy ink printed labels.  Our in Remedy have a strong ethos; this philosophy underpins everything they do. In fact, they currenntly support a peroid poverty charity- Bloody Good Peroid. 

Our Remedy products have undergone rigorous testing and have full lab reports and safety certificates so you can be assured of our quality and the fact we use 100% organic products. Our Remedy also use food grade essential oils in all their products.  

Our Remedy

Pretty Peaceful Natural CBD oil

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CBD Strength10%
CBD Content1000mg
Spectrum TypeBroad
Extraction MethodCO2
Hemp SourceEU
Gluten FreeYes
GMP CertifiedYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Guaranteed Zero THCYes

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