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Paso CBD Oil Spray is a high strength and convenient way to take CBD, delivering broad spectrum CBD in a variety of three tasty flavours. Simply spray under the tongue and enjoy! 

Unsure about the natural taste of oils? Paso CBD Oil Spray is available in 3 awesome flavours: Lemon, Orange, and Mint. 

The great taste means you will be happy to leave the oil under the tongue, allowing more time for CBD absorption. Each spray is equivalent to roughly 10mg’s CBD to easily track your dose. 

Each 10ml bottle of Paso’s Oil Spray contains 10% CBD in vegan coconut MCT oil, equalling 1000mgs of broad-spectrum CBD. 

Why we picked Paso...?

Paso helps you find time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. 

Paso’s mission is to highlight the importance of rest and relaxation towards healthy wellbeing. A belief held up by Paso’s founders and cousins Alex and Sophie. The UK based team advertise their products as part of enjoying life’s pleasures, by taking a moment to chill. 

Paso source the highest quality broad-spectrum hemp extracts from farms in Colorado and Oregon. Their extracts are tested by an independent lab to ensure quality and compliance with UK manufacturing regulations. 

All Paso CBD products include CBD extracted from all-natural and pesticide-free hemp. Their vape products are guaranteed to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 


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