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Paso’s cartridges contains 100mg CBD and is made using full spectrum extract, derived from natural botanical oils that provide a perfectly balanced and delicious burst of flavours.  

Mango Kush:  Herbaceous mango, without any excessive sweet fruitiness. 

Paso’s Sour Diesel:  A taste of Fresh Scots pine with a citrus edge, derived from perfectly balanced natural botanical oils 

Paso’s Amnesia Haze: Zesty citrus flavour ends in a floral finish, for a refreshing and delicate taste derived from perfectly balanced natural botanical oils 

This cartridge is free from THC and nicotine and is perfect for casual or occasional use. 

The cartridge is compatible with our Paso CBD Vape Pen, for a stylish and personalised vaping experience across three choices of voltage settings. As well as offering compatibility with most other 510 thread batteries. 

Chill out at the end of a long day with all the benefits of CBD with a burst of flavour! 

Why we picked Paso...?

Paso helps you find time to enjoy life’s simple things. 

Paso’s mission is to highlight the importance of rest and relaxation towards healthy wellbeing. A belief held up by Paso’s founders and cousins Alex and Sophie. The UK based team advertise their products as part of enjoying life’s pleasures, by taking a moment to chill. 

Paso source the highest quality broad-spectrum hemp extracts from farms in Colorado and Oregon. Their extracts are tested by an independent lab to ensure quality and compliance with UK manufacturing regulations. 

Their vape products are guaranteed to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 


Paso CBD Cartridge 10%

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How To Use

Vegetable glycerine brings light and sweet taste when vaped. It is more viscous than propylene glycol and accountable for vapour during consumption. Vegetable glycerine is widely used in food products, beauty, and vaping. 

Expiry and usage 

  • All Paso CBD vape cartridges come with expiry dates on their packaging
  • For the best flavour and quality of the oil cartridge, it is advised to use them within three weeks after opening
  • Cartridge’s older than the advised usage time may start to turn brown because of the oxidisation process but are still perfectly effective and safe to use if within their expiry date. CBD is a naturally derived compound that can oxidise causing this colour change, leading to brownish streaks appearing in the vape liquid. Oxidation can happen at ambient temperatures, but things like heat and UV radiation will exacerbate the problem.

 Storage and leakages: 

 Paso offer one of the best cartridges in the business, but sometimes leakage can occur when vaping CBD e-liquids. There are a few preventative measures that can reduce the risk of leakage: 

  • Keep the vape cart upright
  • Store in a cool place. CBD e-liquid is notorious for breaking down and thinning if it is left under intense heat, such as direct sunlight. When thinned, CBD e-liquids are more likely to flood the central ceramic core of the vape cartridge and cause leaking
  • If you are not planning to use the vape again for a while, unscrew the vape cartridge from the vaporiser battery and place the rubber plug back on the bottom. Then store the cart upright in a cold and dark place.

 Other upkeep questions answered: 

  • Why are there dark streaks on my cartridge?

The ceramic core in the vape cartridge will build up residue from use. This residue it will pass slowly back into the cartridge and may lead to dark streaks toward the bottom of the cartridge. Don’t worry, these are only aesthetic. 

There are chemicals manufacturers can add to prevent this, but Paso wants to stay clear of them for the benefit of your safety and health. 

If streaks to appear then vape cartridges are still safe to vape if consumed within the expiry date. Remember, we also recommend using cartridges within 3 weeks of opening 

  • There are clear shards on the inside of my cartridge – what is going on?

The CBD in the vape cartridge can crystallise, making clear shards appear to cling to the inside walls of the cartridge. This can happen when the cartridge has become too cold for an extended period. 

You can still use the Paso cartridge, but you will need to warm the e-liquid first to dissolve the CBD. This can be done by simply placing the cartridge next to a radiator. Once warmed, reattach the cartridge to the battery and take a few small puffs to redistribute the oil into the cartridge’s heating element. 

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