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Paso’s CBD Vape Pen is an easy to use, affordable and stylish device, suitable for experienced CBD vapers or as a great starter option for causal or new users. 

Paso’s CBD Vape Pen offers three voltage settings for a personalised experience. Lower voltages produce more delicate flavours to fully appreciate the plant-based taste profiles of Paso’s CBD Vape Cartridges. Higher voltages produce more vapour clouds. 

The Vape Pen includes a USB charger and a battery life of approximately one-hundred puffs, depending on the setting used, as higher voltages use the battery more quickly. 

The pen includes a pre-heat function for vaping oils that tend to be more viscous than e-liquids.        

Why we picked Paso...?

Paso helps you find time to enjoy life’s simple things. 

Paso’s mission is to highlight the importance of rest and relaxation towards healthy wellbeing. A belief held up by Paso’s founders and cousins Alex and Sophie. The UK based team advertise their products as part of enjoying life’s pleasures, by taking a moment to chill. 

Paso source the highest quality broad-spectrum hemp extracts from farms in Colorado and Oregon. Their extracts are tested by an independent lab to ensure quality and compliance with UK manufacturing regulations. 

Their vape products are guaranteed to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 


Paso CBD Vape Pen

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Battery life lasts for around 100 puffs depending on the voltage setting used Includes a USB charger. Paso CBD Vape Cartridges must be bought separately. Compatible with most other 510 / universal cartridge thread

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