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Mr NICE’s 5% (500mg) CBD gel capsules are a reliable alternative to CBD oils. The softgel capsules are easy to swallow, mask the taste of the oils, and are taken conveniently alongside your daily supplements. Perfect for on the go! 

The standard dose enables you to monitor your response and adjust accordingly, making the capsules great for beginners to enjoy the benefits of full spectrum CBD, with only trace levels of THC (>0.2%). 

MR NICE’s products are organically and sustainably farmed, high in bioavailability and free from artificial additives. 

Begin feeling CBD’s benefits with Mr NICE’s 5% (500mg) CBD gel capsules. 

Why we picked Mr NICE...?

MR NICE is a cannabis lifestyle brand inspired by the life of Howard Marks, the counter-culture hero and activist, with the mission to share love and knowledge of the of the cannabis plant. 

MR NICE is the partner of international cannabis company Equinox, investing in the research and scientific expertise of cannabis products. As a result, MR NICE provides globally sourced strains of the highest quality legal cannabis products. 

Their commitment to excellence and sustainability make MR NICE the choice for anyone looking for the best CBD product, from a brand that invests in the future to make everyday NICE. 


Mr NICE CBD Gel Capsules

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