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CBDfx Gummies with Men’s Multivitamins

CBDfx gummies with men’s multivitamins is packed full of essential vitamins A, C, E and B6 and broad spectrum CBD. Designed to keep active men fuelled and ready to tackle life head on


CBDfx gummies for with men’s multivitamins are available in a 8 pack (40mg CBD) or a 60 pack (300mg CBD). These gummies contain a multitude of beneficial vitamins that perfectly compliment 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD.  


Pantothenic acid and biotin, both  support a healthy metabolic system and help the body convert food into energy. Essential vitamins A, C, E, and B6 promote a healthy immune system and metabolic system. Biotin promotes skin and follicle health, the powerful CBDfx  Gummies With men’s multivitamin provides the body with just about all it needs to get you through your busy day. 

Why we picked CBDfx

CBDfx is one of the most popular CBD brands on the planet. CBDfx are renowned for creating potent, incredibly pure and highly effective CBD. CBDfx’s manufacturing standards are of the highest quality. Their source of hemp is grown organically, is completely non-GMO and has never been exposed to any pesticides or chemicals. All CBDfx’s products are created in a certified GMP facility under strict clinical-grade supervision. 

CBDfx gummies range are one of the best ranges on the market. CBDfx gummies offer unmatched flavour, an incredible variety of formulations, and an unparalleled level of quality and effectiveness. CBDfx gummies are 100% organic and do not contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or additives. 

CBDfx combine a  variety of delicious flavours with different formulations designed to bring you specific beneficial compounds as well. CBDfx understand the power of nature, and want to help bring you all the earthly benefits of potent ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, biotin, and turmeric & spirulina.

How to use

Customers love how easy and enjoyable it is to use CBDfx gummies. Simply open the bottle and eat one or two gummies a couple times a day or as needed

Key Information

Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Shake before use.

Quick Info
Spectrum TypeBroad
Extraction MethodCO2
Hemp SourceUS
GMP CertifiedYes
Vegan FriendlyYes
Guaranteed Zero THCYes


Hemp extract, cannabinoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, pantothenic acid, iodine, zinc, selenium, choline, inositol, organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, purified water, pectin, tri sodium citrate, citric acid, natural flavor & colour.

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