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How do I take CBD?

Monday, February 8, 2021 • 8 minute read

There are a variety of ways to take CBD.

At CBD Element we understand that it can be confusing to choose the right product. We offer a wide range of delivery methods and information so you can choose the best method, that considers your routine and the benefits you are seeking. The CBD delivery method chosen can determine how quickly CBD enters your blood stream and how long effects may last. Your desired effect is a key factor in deciding your preferred delivery method.

Click here to learn about the reasons you may want to take CBD.

The array of delivery methods includes CBD oral oil drops or sprays, CBD gummies, and CBD vaping. Check out these overviews of the advantages and disadvantages of each method:

CBD oil drops and sprays

The most common way to harness CBD’s many benefits is through using oils.

CBD oil is applied under your tongue to be absorbed through the mucous membranes, directly into your bloodstream. The same technique applies to CBD sprays, the only difference is you spray the oil under your tongue, instead of dropping the oil with a pipette.

The main advantage of CBD oils and sprays is that you avoid the digestive system, therefore CBD reaches your endocannabinoid system quickly and efficiently.

We recommend holding the oil under your tongue before swallowing for as long as possible, aiming for around a minute to allow time for the CBD to be absorbed.

Using CBD oil drops gives you good control over how much CBD you take each time. You can tailor your daily dosage to your needs and adjust accordingly. Using a CBD oil spray, whilst more convenient and presenting a lower risk of spillage than oils, offers a less precise delivery of dosage.

CBD oils and sprays – what is the best dosage?

The amount of CBD oil you should take depends on a range of factors, including your weight, genetics, and your desired effects. Click here to learn about the reasons you may want to take CBD.

At CBD Element we have undertaken extensive research to create our CBD dosage calculator.

Our dosage calculator provides a recommended low, medium and high total daily dose, depending on the information you input.

Always start with a low or medium dose. Your dose can be gradually increased until you feel your desired effects or decreased if you experience side effects. Common side effects to look out for are dry mouth, decreased appetite, and tiredness.

Some people find lower doses of CBD effective, whereas others may need higher doses to achieve their desired effects. We suggest you experiment and find the total daily dose that works best for you. Some people prefer to split up their dose throughout the day, to feel effects over a longer period.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advise against taking more than 70mg CBD per day[1].

CBD Element’s CBD dosage calculator was born out of our team’s frustration of not knowing what daily CBD dose to start with or aim for. We created it to guide us through our CBD journey and hope you find it a useful tool.

CBD’s dosage calculator caps the recommended medium dose at 70mg, the upper limit set by the FSA. When looking for a high daily dose, some individuals may have a recommended dosage that is greater than 70mg. Please consider carefully before taking more than 70mg, as this is a higher daily dosage than the FSA’s recommended upper limit.

We at CBD Element designed our CBD dosage calculator after researching available CBD literature. However, no exact scientific recommended daily dosage of CBD is available, as CBD remains under researched and studied by the scientific community. CBD Element’s dosage calculator should be used as a guide rather than an absolute recommendation.


The advantage of vaping CBD is the superior degree and rate of absorption that vaping delivers, as CBD very quickly and efficiently reaches the blood stream via inhalation. Therefore, if you choose to vape CBD, you will feel the effects much faster than through other delivery methods. However, the fast release means these effects last a much shorter time, so vaping CBD can require more frequent doses to extend any benefits over the desired amount of time.

We know that many people have concerns over the safety of vaping, therefore we have carefully selected our vaping devices because of their safety and quality, as well as recognising different needs. They are all safe, easy to use, and taste great.

CBD Element are proud to offer in our vaping range, the world’s first medical grade CBD Vaporizer from Kanabo and Provacan. Kanabo and Provacan are different to other vaping devices as they release measured doses of CBD, enabling you to track your CBD intake.

CBD vaping – what is the best dosage?

There is no exact dosage regimen for vaping devices.

CBD Element does not advocate continual, all day vaping. Remember, moderation is key!

Kanabo recommends a dosage of 3 to 5 inhalations, up to three times a day, for its medial grade CBD vaporizer. Do not exceed 30 inhalations in a 24-hour period.


CBD topicals include muscle rubs and massage oils.

Applying topical preparations may help to relieve muscular aches and pains by targeting CBD directly onto any area of discomfort.

Massage is easily the best way to feel the full benefits of CBD topicals. There’s plenty of information on effective massage techniques online, such as here: https://www.wikihow.com/Give-a-Massage

Edibles and Capsules

CBD Edibles are a great option for people looking for a convenient way to take CBD.

It is very easy to incorporate CBD edibles into your routine, as they are discreet and perfect for on the go.

CBD Edibles take the form of CBD capsules, CBD gummies or CBD water-soluble liquids. Each have different advantages.

CBD gummies mask the taste of oils which some people find difficult to tolerate, offering a fun and tasty treat.

CBD capsules are very easy to take as a simple addition to your daily supplements or vitamins.

CBD water-soluble liquids can be added to food or drinks to create your own edibles. The Purple Plus edition from The Original Alternative is a great option for people looking to turn any food into superfood!

The main disadvantage of taking CBD edibles is that the CBD must go through the digestive system before reaching the blood stream. This means that a lot of the CBD will be metabolized and lost before reaching your endocannabinoid system.

CBD edibles – what is the best dosage?

The FSA have recommended an upper limit of 70mg of CBD per day.

If you are only taking CBD edibles then you may need a higher dose of CBD to notice an effect, due to large amounts being lost by the digestive process. However, always track your dosage carefully. Your daily dose can be gradually increased until you feel your desired effects or decreased if you experience side effects.