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Why buy Pureis CBD?

Pureis is a dedicated pharmaceutical R&D-led company. They had a deep understanding that there was a huge demand for safe and quality assured CBD, and so inspired by ongoing research into CBD, they developed Pureis CBD. Pureis CBD is an “Ultra Pure CBD” with 0% THC. It is a highly pure, quality-assured and FSA-approved CBD formula. The company invested in toxicological and reproductive studies to prove the safe use of Pureis for humans. They worked with a renowned Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) to do this. The CRO applied very stringent guidelines in compliance with Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) principles and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) when conducting studies for Pureis.

Pureis CBD are also the first Food Standards Agency (FSA) approved CBD product in the UK. The highest safety and quality standards were needed to achieve this. Impressively Pureis CBD are the first CBD company in the world to receive dual validation from European Food Safety Authority and Food Standards Agency UK.

Learn about Pureis CBD

Pureis CBD was founded by Chanelle McCoy and Caroline Glyn, both have worked together for 11 years in a successful global pharmaceutical company. Having worked together closely for many years, Chanelle and Caroline both share a passion for the innovation of CBD products. Therefore, together their goal is to evolve the CBD market and introduce pure CBD products that are backed by clinical studies.

As businesswomen and entrepreneurs, Chanelle and Caroline both realise the importance of finding balance and calm and having the energy needed to face day to day life. That’s why Pureis is a product they want to share with others like them.

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Take a closer look at the Pureis CBD range:

The Pureis Ultra Pure CBD Oil range offers a great selection of strengths, flavours, and delivery methods. You can choose between two CBD strengths; 280mg (3%) and 560mg (5.6%) all in a 10ml bottle. We recommend the lower strength (3%) for a newbie and the 5.6% is recommended for more a more seasoned CBD user. Pureis CBD range is available as a spray or pipette.

CBD oil drops give you precise control over how much CBD you take each time, allowing you to tailor your daily dosage to your needs. Using a CBD oil spray, whilst more convenient and presenting a lower risk of spillage than oils, offers a less precise delivery of dosage.

The range also offers an awesome selection of flavours to choose from; unflavoured for a more natural taste, spearmint for a refreshing mint taste, and finally orange for a tangy burst of citrus. Pureis CBD is specially formulated to improve CBD absorption and all raw materials are free from toxins and pollutants. Pureis is suitable for vegans, ensuring every ingredient has been reviewed to qualify as a vegan-friendly material.

How to take Pureis CBD

As with all CBD oils, we recommend applying the oil under your tongue and hold for as long as possible, aim for at least a minute to allow for maximum CBD absorption.

We recommend using our dosage calculator to help guide your dose. Always start with a low to medium total daily dose and increase slowly until you experience your desired effect. Decrease your dose if you experience any side effects. Common side effects to look out for are a dry mouth, decreased appetite, and tiredness. It's important to note that the FSA advises against taking more than 70mg CBD per day.