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Why isn’t CBD working?

Thursday, December 31, 2020 • 6 minute read

CBD may not be working for you for a number of reasons which we have listed out in this article. These include: the quality of your CBD product, extract type and strength of CBD, dose the frequency, the delivery method of CBD, and your expectation levels.

1. Quality of CBD Product

The CBD industry is relatively new and currently lacks regulation, there is, therefore, a great deal of poor-quality CBD products on the market . These products sometimes fail to contain the advertised levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. Some Amazon and eBay sellers trick consumers by selling hemp seed oil rather than CBD oil. Although hemp seed oil does contain essential amino acids, vitamin E and omega 3, it doesn’t contain any cannabinoids. Our advice is to be vigilant when purchasing CBD products, be aware of the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil products. We recommend making sure all products have certified reports from 3rd party labs, which ensures cannabinoid levels and consistency. CBD Element also recommends selecting a high-quality CBD brand with integrity to ensure you take a product that works and which you can trust.

2. Type of CBD Extract

There are three types of CBD extracts: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum. Some CBD consumers prefer broad and full-spectrum products because they take advantage of the entourage effect. Other customers prefer the potency of a CBD isolate product. We recommend educating yourself on the key differences of these extracts and then trying different types to see which works best for you. Below is a quick overview, but read our full article for a more comprehensive overview:

a. Isolates (the purest form): During the extraction process all the other cannabinoids are removed, leaving only CBD

b. Broad-Spectrum (take advantage of the entourage effect): contains other cannabinoids along with CBD

c. Full-Spectrum (even more entourage): extracts have the closest chemical make-up to the hemp plant

3. Strength of CBD Product and Dosage.

A common reason why people find their CBD product isn’t working is simply because their product is too weak and doesn’t contain enough CBD. New users often select cheaper products that have lower concentrations of CBD. Using these lower strength products means you have to take a larger volume of CBD to reach your required dose (this often works out worse economically). This leads to many CBD consumers underdosing and believing CBD doesn’t work. CBD Element recognizes how difficult it is for a newbie to calculate dosages and decipher the strength of different CBD products. Don’t worry! We have done the hard work for you and developed our unique dosage calculator. This handy tool recommends a dose depending on your weight, height, and where you are on your CBD journey. Our filtering functionality also allows you to easily select a high strength product and we have gone a step further by allowing you to filter by price per CBD percentage, giving you transparency on the cost-effectiveness of different products.

4. Frequency and Timing of CBD Dose

So, you’ve used our CBD dosage calculator and are taking a higher dose of CBD, but your product is still not working. You may need to split your total daily dose throughout the day. For example, if you are someone who takes CBD for stress, aim to take CBD at the start of a busy day and then take a second dose towards the end of the day to help unwind before hitting the hay. Timing of your CBD dose is important, customers who take CBD to help them sleep found it more beneficial to apply CBD oil approximately twenty minutes before going to bed. CBD can also be used to deal with stressful situations, there has been research conducted on how it can help with public speaking. Finally, you may need to increase your dose slightly over time as tolerance can build up with the frequent use of CBD.

5. Delivery Method

CBD comes in many shapes and sizes; Gummies, oils, capsules, topicals, and vapes are just a few different options available. Each CBD delivery method has (link to article) its own unique properties as CBD is delivered into the bloodstream differently, the amount of CBD reaching the endocannabinoid system varies between each option. For example, if you take CBD capsules or gummies, absorption happens in your digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. Although some CBD is lost during the digestive process, there is a steadier release over time. On the other hand, if you take an oil under the tongue CBD absorbs directly into your bloodstream through the mucous membrane, resulting in faster more noticeable results. The most effective delivery method is dependent on the effect you desire. For instance, if you're someone with an active mind who struggles to fall asleep, we recommend an oil, whereas if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night continually, CBD capsules may be better because of their longer-lasting effect.

6. High Levels of Expectations

CBD is not a magic cure-all and is not a quick fix! CBD should be treated as one part of your personal toolkit to help you live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If your condition is more severe, then we recommend seeing a health care professional.

Final Thoughts

This blog is a summary of the different reasons why CBD may not be working for you. Please explore our products and our articles to help you decide the best product and dosage for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want some further advice (customer care page) from our expert team.