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Why Choose Provacan Gold?

Saturday, March 27, 2021 • 6 minute read

Who are Provacan?

Provacan is the flagship brand from the CiiTech portfolio, CiiTech is a leading cannabis company that focuses on discovering and developing innovative cannabis products. CiiTech has a close partnership with researchers at the world-renowned institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where CBD was first discovered and isolated in 1963. 

Provacan has positioned itself as a global leader in cannabis research allowing them to produce innovative CBD products and be a true leading in its field. All of Provacan’s CBD products are sourced from organic European hemp farms and produced using the latest CO2 extraction methods. Provacan offers a highly effective CBD experience, with products from top-grade hemp extracts.

Provacan represents one of the highest standards for CBD products in the UK, producing third-party tested, high-strength, and all-natural CBD. Provacan is our best-selling CBD brand, and it is widely regarded as one of the best CBD brands globally. Since their inception in 2016, they have made significant strides in cannabis research and development.

Provacan’s CBD products are broad-spectrum CBD and come with a guaranteed total cannabinoid content. Provacan believes strongly in transparency and is truly a market leader when it comes to consistency and safety. Provacan's mission is to develop CBD products that are unequaled in quality, safety, and purity. Provacan has an extensive range of CBD products that includes CBD gummies, balms, and topicals, as well as capsules and oils. We are proud to offer their whole range of products including the recently released Gold range, which is a broad-spectrum CBD oil with 0% THC.

What is Provacan Gold?

The development of Provacan Premium Gold CBD oils began in 2019 and has undergone many months of extensive research and development for the UK market. The Provacan Premium gold range consists of oils, soft gel capsules, gummies, and balms. that offer superior quality, safety, and effectiveness, far exceeding industry standards.

The CBD used in the Provacan Premium Gold range is of the highest quality, it has undergone extensive testing to meet the highest compliance standards. The latest extraction methods have been deployed to generate a unique CBD formula, screened extensively for safety and compliance. The CBD formula contains a unique terpene blend to complement and enhance the entourage effect. Provacan guarantees 0% THC within the Gold range.

What makes Provacan Gold Premium Oils unique?

  • Unique Terpene Blend: Provacan has added additional Terpene’s to their formula to get the full benefits of the entourage effect. These terpenes complement the CBD and increase the effectiveness of the Oil.

  • Spray Dosing: For the Oil, Provacan has taken the sensible step of introducing a spray mechanism that provides greater controls over, dosing and accuracy.

  • Natural Profile: All products in the range are all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan.

  • Transparency: Provacan is a trustworthy and reliable company. They ensure products are traceable right the way through their manufacturing process and you know where the CBD comes from. They provide third-party lab reports and certificates for each product. They are fully compliant will the most recent UK laws governing CBD.

  • Manufacturing standards: Provacan’s Gold range follows the most stringent manufacturing practices and standards, the range has ISO/GMP standards, which is a step further than many other CBD brands.

  • 0% THC: Provacan Gold contains 0% THC, consisting of only pure CBD and terpenes

Which Provacan Gold product should I choose?

Provacan Gold offers a complete range consisting of CBD Oils, Gummies, Soft-gel Capsules, and Balms. Read our detailed overview of this awesome new range:

CBD Oils:

CBD oil is the most common method for ingesting CBD and Provacan has some of the best oils on the market. The Provacan Premium Gold CBD Oil range consists of either 300mg (3%), 600mg (6%), and 1200mg (12%) CBD strengths, all within a 10ml bottle. This range is perfect for CBD newbies as well as more experienced users. Provacan’s strength variations allow you to step up systematically through the range depending on your requirements.


Provacan Premium Gold Gummies provide a tasty alternative to receive your CBD. These gummies tick all the boxes they are vegan-friendly, fat-free, and have a natural colouring and flavour. Provacan Premium Gold Gummies come in two sizes, a pack of 10 gummies (100mg CBD) or the larger pack of 50 gummies (500mg CBD). Key Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavours, Lutein. Lutein is a natural vitamin that has anti-inflammatory properties. You will not be disappointed by these golden coloured and deliciously tasty gummies.

Soft-Gel Capsules:

Provacan Premium Gold Softgel Capsules are a convenient option for getting your daily dose of CBD. They are tasteless soft gel capsules for on the move, containing a strong CBD kick. The Soft gels come in two sizes; a pack of 30 caps (600mg CBD). And 60 caps (1200mg CBD).

Softgel capsules have the added benefit of offering greater absorption than normal capsules. These soft gel capsules are natural and gluten-free with a guaranteed 0% THC levels.


Provacan Premium Gold Balms contain a powerful CBD formula for targeted application directly to the skin. They are great for aches and pains and for delivering CBD directly to the source of pain. The Provacan Premium Gold Balm range comes in two strengths; 300mg or 900mg CBD in a 30g container. The Key Ingredients include; Hemp Seed Oil, Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil.

Where to buy Provacan Gold?

CBD Element is one of the leading partners of Provacan and it is one of our best sellers. We stock their entire range and can give advice on the best product for you to make sure you make an informed decision. We also have very competitive prices on Provacan products so don’t miss out as we often sell out fast.