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Is CBD kosher?

Sunday, October 3, 2021 • 3 minute read

CBD falls under the ‘pareve’ category, which refers to food that is neither meat nor fish. CBD Oil is inherently kosher, as long as it has the official kosher certification.

Pareve food must comply with certain standards to be labeled kosher. These requirements are:

  • Foods may lose their pareve status if processed on meat or dairy equipment or when additives are used.
  • Certain fruits, vegetables, and grains (in this case hemp) must be checked for the presence of small insects and larvae, which are not kosher.

How does CBD become Kosher?

The CBD product must go through a kosher certification process. The process typically involves a Rabbi visiting the CBD manufacturing facility to conduct an onsite inspection. The Rabbi pays close attention to the farming of hemp and the production of CBD. The ingredients used during the manufacturing process are studied in detail, ingredients must match the ingredients disclosed during the application process.

Premium CBD companies use organic sources of hemp; whether the hemp is organic is not vital during a kosher certification process. The drying process of the hemp is inspected, and the drying equipment must be used exclusively for earth-based products.

The extraction process will also be reviewed, with emphasis placed on the equipment being only hemp or other botanical-based products. The Rabbi reviews the production process and facility layout to confirm it is in compliance with the Kosher Production Guidelines. After issuing the certification, the Rabbi usually conducts a few follow-up visits to ensure the CBD company continues to comply with guidelines.

Which CBD products are Kosher?

We stock three brands that are kosher; Provacan, HuGG, and IMPACT.

These three brands are produced by the same parent company- CiiTECH. CiiTECH has strong research and development roots in Israel and has a strategic partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This world-renowned institute is where the endocannabinoid system was first discovered.

Israel is widely considered to be leading the way with medical cannabis research. The Israeli government has one of the most progressive cannabis laws in the world and is looking to legalize recreational cannabis.

To achieve kosher certification, the manufacturer must comply with a range of standards, but kosher certification does not focus on cannabinoid profiles, third-party lab testing, or heavy metal testing. Nevertheless, a kosher CBD company is more likely to follow strict manufacturing processes, in fact, Provacan, HuGG, and IMPACT follow GMP standards.

Final thoughts

CBD Element recognizes that the Jewish community in the UK holds progressive beliefs with regards to CBD, in line with Israel’s medical cannabis laws. Keeping kosher is vital, spiritually for some Jews. Provacan, HuGG, and IMPACT are brilliant kosher CBD options, which cater to the Jewish community.