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Does CBD help with public speaking?

Sunday, November 15, 2020 • 3 minute read

Most of us, even those considered pros, struggle with heightened levels of anxiety when speaking in public. For most people public speaking is one of their biggest fears, affecting their ability to give presentations at work, a speech at a wedding, or even introduce themselves to a large group of people.

Typical fears include being watched, judged, or sounding stupid. When all eyes in the room fix on you and the chattering stops, fight or flight kicks in, and something as small as speaking can feel like your whole life hangs in the balance. The effect of this can be from mild to debilitating, having a significant effect on your ability to come across as you truly are; confident, funny, and engaging.

How does CBD help with public speaking?

When it comes to public speaking, anxiety can be a showstopper. CBD is believed to act on The Endocannabinoid System and specifically cannabinoid receptors present in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is believed to play a crucial role in the fight or flight response.

Research suggests that CBD may act directly at the source of anxiety, at the hypothalamus. CBD can help reduce anxious feelings making you less sensitive to minor stresses like public speaking.

What the research shows?

One study demonstrated that CBD significantly reduces anxiety when speaking in public.

During the study, researchers gave 600mg of CBD oil to participants with Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder and then measured their Anxiety levels as they performed a public speaking test. This preliminary study compared 24 public speakers; half the speakers were given CBD randomly and the other half were given a placebo; none of the speakers knew whether they were given CBD.

The results were remarkable, CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort while speaking, it also significantly decreased anxiety in anticipation leading up to the speech. Further research with larger sample sizes is needed, however, this exciting study shows that CBD oil can allow speakers to gain more control.

Final thoughts

We are not saying CBD is a quick fix and that suddenly all anxiety will totally disappear, there is no replacement for practice, good content, and a receptive audience. This promising research has shown that CBD can help calm you down when speaking in public so if this is something you struggle with, we recommend trying CBD to see if it also works for you.